Dependency on Christ to be a faithful wife and a loving mother has been a wonderfully fulfilling adventure. I've started this blog to record the fun happenings of our family and the valuable things we learn along the way.

The song, "This Little Light of Mine," and my daughter were the inspiration behind the blog. Whenever we would ask her to sing us a song, she would frantically wave her thumb in the air to shine her little light. God has graciously given me an abundant life, and I can depend on Him because He is perfect.

"Jesus gave it to me, I'm gonna let it shine."

I'd love to hear from you! 


  1. Hey There! So I found your blog via Texas Bloggers, and I was so surprised to see your link to Jenny Van Dyke photography! My mom teaches school with her sister. Small world!

    Becca at http://barefootthunder.com

    1. Becca!

      Forgive me for JUST NOW replying! Can you tell I haven't been keeping up with my blog? I remember seeing your comment, but failed to respond. It sure is a small world! Jenny is one of my best friends! ;)