Thursday, October 2, 2014


"I'm free" is toddler talk for "I'm three."

Our "little" booger bear turned three this past month. For the last few months, Deacon has been reminding us that his birthday is in September. He would always ask, "Hey, is my birthday in 'teptember'?" He asked us yesterday when his birthday would be again. A whole year buddy. Almost there.

His requests for birthday treats were a piƱata and "books, maybe?" In rare times when he is still (and not running around) and interested in toys, it's fun to see him play and learn new things. He's so proud of drawings that he does and he's a Lego tower connoisseur. He usually follows his sister around when they're playing too. I'm anxious to see how he'll be with his baby brother that makes his debut this month. He and Mae constantly ask how their bro is doing and when he'll be here ;)

As part of Deac's birthday this year, we went to the Red Bull Air Race World Championship. The planes were going to race like Dusty and Chupacabra in Planes. Yes, please. It was a hoot seeing his face when the planes would take off through the pylons and buzz through the sky.

Air Race 2014

Your favorite things are knock-knock jokes.
Your shows to watch are Bubble Guppies and Wild Kratts.
Your favorite books are Curious George, Little Blue Truck and any read with trucks or planes.

Some funny stuff you say...

You try to help with our phonics. "Hey, what letter does _____ start with? Ah, Ah!"

"Knock, knock."
"Who's there?"
"You who?"
"Yooouu who, big summer blowout!" (Oaken from Frozen)

"Hey mom, how baby brother doing?"

You start to read any story in your picture story Bible with, "Once upon a time, God..."

Photo cred to the fabulous Jenny Blair.

We love you so much, wild man.

Your grateful mommy,