Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Happy Birthday Booger Bear!

It seems like just yesterday when our goober had his first birthday.

You know it, but i'll say it anyways. Time flies.

This season in the Narcomey abode has been a fun one because we've been able to watch Deacon grow, talk, and interact with his sister and those around him more and more. Parents, you know that (those) phase(s) of childhood where it's really hard to understand your kiddo, mostly because they aren't communicating much yet and you're just trying to figure out what your kiddo likes?  I guess it's been a fun season because Deacon has been talking a lot and we are learning more about what he likes (and dislikes).  It's nice to ask what he wants or why he's upset and get a verbal response. Really nice.

Deac, these are some funny things you do and say:

You absolutely love playing with tea sets. You'll ask "tea? tea?!" to play with it. We plan on getting you a neutral colored tea set next week for your birthday. You need a manly tea pot...

You could easily drink chocolate milk all day: it's the first thing you ask for in the morning.

You had a first last month: a trip to the ER. You were a champ and didn't cry for too long after falling off of the bed and hitting your head on the rocking chair. Four stitches. This is why we don't jump on beds. Just saying...

You love planes. You'll yell "pain! pain! see!" when you spot one in the sky.

You like doing starfall with your "sissy" on the computer. You're starting to learn your ABCs and you say "ABCs!" when you see letters anywhere.

You jump high off of things and land on both feet with no trouble. None.

After time-outs, we like to give you hugs and kisses to show there aren't any hard feelings. Sometimes, before we're even done explaining why you're in time out, you will stand up to give us hugs and kisses. Sometimes, we're suckers for it and break. So much for disciplining you.

At bed time you say, "I pay (pray), Mae pay, Daddy pay, Mommy pay."

Little, rambunctious boy, you've been a blessing to raise.

Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility 
count others more significant than yourselves. 

Let each of you look not only to his own interests, 
but also to the interests of others.

Philippians 2:3-4 

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