Saturday, September 28, 2013

Toddlers + Activities = Fun

Being at home with the kiddos has challenged me to be on the look-out for quick, easy and entertaining activities, whether it be at Wal-mart or in our own closet. Here are a few that our kids have enjoyed. A couple of these activities could be moved inside too once the cold weather kicks in.

Treasure Hunt
Lately the kids have been fascinated with coins. We bought the kids their own piggy banks to start collecting change that they find. Towards the end of the month, they can buy a treat with their saved money. (Since the change is mostly pennies, we just use our handy debit cards for treats and recycle the change. We'd be hated by many ice cream servers if we dished out pennies...)

My grandma gave the kids a bag of change that she had been collecting, so we've been using this for our treasure hunts.  Once in a while, i'll take change and "hide" it around the living room in piles for the kids to collect. If it wasn't obvious, the game would last hours. And hours.

Macaroni Box
The first time I took this out, Deacon played with it for 45 minutes. Forty-five minutes. Our rambunctious boy rarely keeps still for that long.

We took toys around the house and threw them in the macaroni for the kids to dig up with their bowls and spoons.

Window Paint
These can be put onto table tops too, but it was a little easier for the kids to see their art against the window.

We squirted a couple different colors into a gallon-sized ziploc bag, and stuck it to the door with contact paper. I taped the bags up first to make it easier.

It is spill-proof, but you will probably want to take it down after a day or two anyways. We left ours up for too long and the heat thinned/melted the paint.

Puzzles, Puzzles, Puzzles
Who doesn't like a good puzzle?

Well, I didn't like one.
Suggestion: Don't buy those kid lenticular, 3D puzzles that change images when turned at a different angle. They look fun, but it's a headache waiting to happen.

Birdhouse Decorating
We found good deals on birdhouses and paint supplies at good ol' Hobby Lobby. Use their 40% weekly coupon and it's even cheaper.

Happy playing!
Have any suggestions for an easy, at-home activity? What have you found that your kiddos enjoy doing?

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