Monday, May 6, 2013

You did it!

"You did it! I'm so proud of you! You're such a big girl!" ::clapping::

Maevri shouts this to me while I'm in the bathroom.

That might be too much information, but we sometimes have an open-door policy in our house.  Even if the bathroom door is closed, our little ones find ways to get in don't they?

Over the last month, Mae has heard a lot of potty cheers and songs, so I guess she feels like everyone needs a little moral support sometimes while using the facilities.  'Tis true, but we are really happy that our little gal is potty trained now ::hallelujah chorus::.

I traveled over Spring Break, so I got to catch up on some potty training reads.  We had been 'practicing' using the potty with Mae over the last few months on and off.  By 'on and off,' I mean that we would try it out one day every few weeks just to see where she was at.  I was a little discouraged (and not motivated) with training, but probably should not have been since we hadn't even tried the hardcore, go big or go home training yet.  I remember praying on the plane ride home, "I'm not too sure where to go next with this potty business, but I pray that she understands it quickly and recognizes the need for a toilet.  I'm nervous about the energy and patience that's needed to start this venture." (And that was paraphrased...)

God cares about the 'littlest' of things. 

After getting home from my trip, Mae told me that she had to use the restroom.  "Say what?? OK!" was my shocked reply.  We ran to the bathroom and she pooped in the potty. What do we doWe call daddy and the grandparents of course.  We also head to Costco to buy that 10-pack of Disney Princess panties.  It's a big day

We've had a few accidents since then, but we're super thankful she has recognized the need for a toilet ;)

I think gradually reminding her over the months about potties and panties helped in the process.  Reading books and having Dora and Tinkerbell panties reminded her about a big milestone coming up too.  She didn't really just get it one day, but it took time.  It seemed to us like she did though, because it was a big surprise.

Next up: Deacon. Yikes.

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  1. Hahaha!!!! This is hilarious Tygre! :) Love you and your fam. -Amy B