Saturday, May 18, 2013

Deacon of the Week

Our booger bear will be two in September.  He's about 20 months now.  My oh my, how time flies.  With Deacon being our second kiddo, I find it hard to jot down new things that he does or says.  I imagine it will be a bit crazier with more kiddos, but chasing him around the house and shooing him away from fragile things has recently replaced jotting down some memories of him growing up ;)

I hear mumbling in the car sometimes and I think it's Mae, but it's really Deacon pointing and talking about things.  I take for granted this fast time of learning for him.  He's not our little baby anymore!

It's really fun to see how different he is from his sister though.  He's a wild man, but Mae was pretty mellow at his age. At times, I wondered (and worried) about what we did differently.  When he screams at the very top of his lungs for something and runs around non-stop, I like to think it's the testosterone?  He really does have his own way of communicating and he's still learning. I need to remember that most days. 

Some Deac vocab...

Dada, Mama, Ma (Mae)
Nana (banana)
Wawa (H2O)
Peace (please)
all done
ba (boy)

He knows some animals and we all know what lions, tigers, and bears say.  Rawr is heard a lot around this house...

When we ask him to sing a song, he makes a spider with his hands to start climbing up the water spout...

He loves to wrestle and play hide-and-seek.  He'll close himself in our closet and laugh really hard when he pops out.

He rarely refuses food and will sway you any day with his sweet smile.  That kid...

He looks every bit like his handsome daddy too ;)