Tuesday, April 16, 2013

new kids on the block

It will be almost three months since we moved into our new house.  There are still minor cosmetic things we'd like to do and there may be a few unpacked boxes lying around, but it is definitely feeling more like home each day.  Before buying the house, we were able to get some good time with the former builders and owners of the home.  They showed us the ropes and gave us the low-down on the home; they really made it their own.  It was a sweet time and we know they miss this house.  (It was the first house built on the block in the 60s. The wood paneling might be a clue...) We think the wooden beams and 'vintage' light fixtures are pretty sweet though.

Our dining/office room.  We finally put up a shelf.  It really makes it feel more like home...

 We have a hallway! It's the little things.
Kid's/guest bathroom. Dora potty seats are the new fad.
 Mae Mae's Room.

Deac's Room.
Front craft/reading/play/sitting? room ;)
One of those minor cosmetic changes I'd like to do. It's a flower bed. Literally. I call it a giant litter box.

Mae grabbed dirt out of it to throw, but that wasn't the only thing she grabbed...
Backyard fun.
We really enjoy our home and we love making it our own.  It's fun to look back at house hunting and see God's provision through it all.  We loved working with our realtor (shout out to Will Wright) and after a long while looking, we decided to put an offer on this house.  It was actually one of the first houses that we saw online, but I remember saying, "It's kind of dated and 'meh.' Lots of wood. Let's keep looking." Little did we know, it would be our new casa. 


  1. Oh my gosh! I LOVE the flower bed! How creative! The whole house is so cute!

  2. And now I can't stop singing New Kids on the Block. Thanks for that :)