Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mug Shot # 5

Meet Jenn.  

Tygre and I met through my roommate and Tygre's best friend, Jenny. We have bonded over our mutual love for Jesus, the nations, and all things awkward. I just recently started a blog that chronicles the lessons I am learning as I learn to stay in one place and wait for His timing for the next step.  You can go check out my thoughts on my tendency to wander and my poem about the love of God that leaves me breathless sometimes. Stop by my little piece of the internet and say hello! I would love to connect.

Chances are you and I don’t really know each other that well.  So, I’m just going to go ahead and get real with you.  I have a problem with trying to redefine guidelines to make them my own.  I’m just like so many others my age that are trying desperately to go against the grain.  I just have this giant (sometimes completely ridiculous) fear of being cliché.  It’s not that I am especially ‘hipster’ or even ‘hip’, but I innately want to do things differently than everyone else.  On the contrary, I am also a person that cares WAY too much about what others think of me.  So, I am riding the fine line between ‘different’ and ‘too different’; if that makes any sense at all. 
Hopefully I haven’t lost you.  
When Tygre told me about ‘the great mug exchange,’ I immediately thought about how I don’t really own a lot of mugs.  But, I thought a lot more about how I didn’t want to follow the guidelines she had given me (sorry Tygre!). 

Let me explain myself.  I don’t own a lot of mugs because I haven’t really been a coffee drinker for that long.  In college my best friends tried desperately (with no success) to get me to become a coffee drinker because we spent countless hours pouring our hearts out in local coffee shops.  They thought it their duty to teach me the differences in dark and light blends. To me, it all tasted the same: disgusting.  So, for years I drank tons of chai tea. Recently I have developed a love for iced coffee, but I tend to drink it from a tall glass with a straw.  Thus, my mug collection is seriously lacking.

So, you can understand my frustration when Tygre approached me with this challenge.  It’s not that I didn’t want to do it, but I couldn’t really think of a coffee cup that really expressed me. 

Therefore, in the spirit of trying to be differently/having no real attachment to any of my cups, I give you my ‘mug shot’….. 
This is my passport picture. I wish I was joking. And, let me tell you how I have come to own one of the scariest photos of myself I have ever seen.
I have always had small eyes. It’s something that I used to hate in elementary and middle school because kids are cruel. Then, in high school it annoyed me cause people thought I was high.  Though I have been made fun of for years I’ve come to really appreciate the distinctive trait and even laugh about the questions people ask me about my vision (yes, I can see fine!)

When I was applying for my passport in college I took my information to the public notary to get it signed and sent off.  But, much to my surprise, she told me that my passport pictures are not sufficient enough because “they couldn’t see the color of my eyes” and “all government documents require that to be shown clearly”.  Now this was a first! She told me that I would have to go back to wal-greens and pay for new photos to be taken where I was not smiling so that they could see the color of my eyes and be able to identify me. 

So, now I have a passport picture that might possibly be mistaken for a ‘mug shot’ under any other circumstances. And… a good story every time I go through any immigration/security check in airports!

Honestly, I chose to share this story because my passport represents so much to me.  Beyond my love for travel and experience, the stamps in the tiny book remind me of the obedience that God has called me to.  He has asked me to follow Him to so many new and different places, and I am grateful for the adventures.  Mostly, though, I am grateful that He would choose to use me.  Like my passport picture, my heart is cruel and harsh, but He continues to soften it and make it new. He makes me want to travel all over to tell people of His love and kindness.  For His Kingdom’s advancement I will gladly carry what may be the worst picture I own!

And (just to meet the requirements) here is a picture of me enjoying a chai tea over breakfast and good conversation with a good friend.  See I do like to smile! J


Thanks Jen for sharing your 'mug' story! I'm so grateful for this pretty lady and I've enjoyed getting to know her over these last couple of years; her heart for the Lord is admirable. Go and meet her!  

Check out the great mug exchange if you'd like to join!

Jenn, I will be purchasing you a mug this coming week, fyi.