Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tod, with one 'd'

I know that God may not have some people marry, but I'm very grateful that He had a plan for me and Tod.

I met Tod in the summer of 2004 and some of the first things I remember him saying was, "My name is Tod with one 'd.' If it's good enough for God, then it's good enough for Tod."

I remember thinking, "He's cute, but really?! Who does this kid think he is?"  I knew that he wanted to learn more about the bible and pursue godly friendships, but you don't just compare yourself to God like that, big sinner.  Thankfully, later that summer, I got to know him and his humor a lot more. 

::Enter cheese fest::

I'm a sucker for a sweet note or cheap gift.  Tod could bring me home a rock and tell me that he thought of me or a fun memory when he saw it, and my little heart would go pitter-patter.  As a gal, I want affirmation that I'm loved and thought of during the day.  Chocolates or flowers are a bonus.

In the discipleship program that Tod and I attended together, we were encouraged to write notes of encouragement to the other participants throughout the week.  Yes, Tod wrote me a note. Yes, I still have it. And yes, I may or may not still carry it around in my wallet...

Check out this 'love' note...

Love note?

I'd like to add that that summer we were in Chicago together, we were not allowed to date.  They wanted everyone to focus on our jobs and studies that summer, which is perfectly valid.  We even made bright pink shirts that summer that said, "pro (project) chick. less sleep. more work. less dating, more inductive"

How can a gal receive a note like this and not want to date the dude that wrote it?  Yeah, she can't.  God sure did have "wonderful and mighty plans" for my life. And Tod does make me coffee and hot chocolate any time ;)

I'm so grateful for the forgiveness and love that Tod shows me daily. Sure, we hurt each other's feelings or have rough days, but we strive to make things right.

...but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.  Romans 5:8

If our goal in life is to become more Christ-like, then our aim should be to love and serve others.  Marriage and my valentine will continue to teach me love and push me to love others more. 

Valentine's date at Ikea? Yes, please.

A note from our first year of 'becoming one'

Crazy hubs.
Love collage with another valentine o' mine.

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Omg that is so cute that you have kept his first love note to you even if it during your initial days of friendship!! You and your hubby's relationship sounds real and so sweet!! and very cute valentine's :) Happy valentine's day--2 days later!

  2. aww, I love this! love stories are my favorite :D