Thursday, January 10, 2013

Numero Uno

"God told them, 'No, no, no, don't eat that apple from the tree!'" (Kid version.)

Mae retold this story to me the other day with a loud voice and wide eyes, as she sipped her hot cocoa. 
(Hot cocoa keeps this busy gal still for story time...)

The point we hope to convey to Mae and Deacon is that God is powerful and sovereign. He gave life and he also gave Adam and Eve all that they needed, yet they still chose to disobey him.  Our kids are used to hearing, "No, no no! Don't hit!" or "No, no, don't eat that."  They are constantly hearing "commands" from us, but how do we make sure that we address the right way to act too?  Normally, we'd follow up with a question like, "But, what did Adam and Eve do?" or "Well, did Adam and Eve obey God?" God tells us not to do certain things, but why?

God gave us commandments so that we could joyfully have life in him and him alone.  First commandment, numero uno: "You shall have no other gods before me."
1  J o h n  4:9  s a y s, "I n  t h i s  t h e  l o v e  o f  G o d  w a s  m a d e  m a n i f e s t  a m o n g  u s, 
t h a t  G o d  s e n t  h i s  o n l y  S o n  i n t o  t h e  w o r l d ,  s o  t h a t  w e  m i g h t    
 l i v e  t h r o u g h  h i m."  

Our intentions aren't simply to tell Mae and Deac, "Hey, we made you, so obey us always. Boom."  Sure, that would be fabulous, but we know that we will not ever be able to give them everything that they need.  We also know that we, along with our children, are prone to make mistakes and disobey. Ah, the hard truth.

Lately, bible stories about sin have been coming up a lot.  We have found ourselves in rough situations when we try to explain, in "kid" lingo, how sin came to be or why Cain killed Abel or why God destroyed everyone on the earth, but kept Noah and his family safe.  Mae really digs the bible story about the princess (go figure...) that finds baby Moses floating in a river too.  We mentioned how a king wanted to kill this baby, but God kept him safe.  We've had to explain many, many times why Mae shouldn't hit or yell to her brother's face.  Deacon has taken a few swats for practicing his soccer-ball kicks at mommy and daddy or for taking a swing at sister's face   

These are hard concepts to understand and our kids' actions seem like minute things compared to others.  We understand that they don't understand some terms just yet, but they can and do understand right from wrong.  These times have definitely challenged us to know truth and readily teach it to them.  'Tis a little scary seeing them grow up so fast...  

It is comforting and reassuring though to reflect on God's constant goodness amidst our sin and the trials that we will face.  I am not to focus on myself, but rather the perfection of God.  I am beyond grateful to serve alongside Tod and teach our children about a holy and loving God.

"'When they saw the star, they rejoiced exceedingly with great joy'.  I cannot avoid the impression then that true worship is not just ascribing authority and dignity to Christ; it is doing this joyfully... that being near him to ascribe authority and dignity to him personally is overwhelmingly compelling." -J.P.
Numero uno, I hope to joyfully rejoice in my Savior so that His character reflects in the way I parent, learn, teach, grow and serve.  These are truths that I need to remember daily! What about you?

Parenting quote of the week...
"Mae, we need to show brother what we're not supposed to do. Wait, I take that back..."

P.S. A while back, I wrote a little bit about our house hunting experience. Welp, we're moving soon! Praise God for his continued blessings.  I hope to post pictures soon with some helpful tidbits about the process and packing for the move!


  1. First yay!!! For the new house!! Second.. you are amazing. You are a great mom and I love reading about your little ones. Thanks for being such an inspiration sweet friend :)

  2. First yay!!! For the new house!! Second.. you are amazing. You are a great mom and I love reading about your little ones. Thanks for being such an inspiration sweet friend :)

  3. I just love you. your spirit is amazing and your perspective is a great encouragement. I only hate one thing, and that is that I don't have a system set up for staying up to date on my favorite blogs right now other than when I notice stuff that people post on twitter. yes, that is my bad and I'm hoping to fix that soon, but I still really like to connect with people on twitter and I super duper wish you would get an account =) I don't know if you have a phone you could use with it or not? I know you're not on the computer a ton probably. anyway, I would love to be able to stay more connected!

  4. so, so good tygre. I keep thinking about the fact that we aren't just trying to raise "moral" children, but Godly children and it changes my perspective on so many things. So thankful that every day we have so many opportunities to point our children to Jesus!