Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mug Shot #1

the great MUG exchange is up and running.  

Meet Brittany.  I met the lovely Brittany when I began exploring the blogging world.  Her story was an encouragement to me and I've been challenged by the joy she has in God.  She loves to meet new people and share her life with them.


Hi there friends! My name is brittany, but you can call me britt! I write over at Bee Littlequeen where I sure do keep busy all while mostly being barefoot! I love my family & friends, blogging!, cheese omelets, paper products galore, sunshine, asparagus, dark chocolate, makeup and taking lots of pictures to document my life!

The mug that I really wanted to get a mug shot with was my "paris" cup. My mom gifted it to me from Paris...the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas that is in 2008. So I had my paris cup and it faithfully got sipped from nearly daily, but last year (in 2012), I dropped it and it chipped and it's life ended in the garbage! Thankfully for Christmas, I happened to receive TWO new coffee mugs to replace the two that I had broken in the year: one being a white mug with a purse on it and a little bling, the 2nd being a handcrafted, beautiful, sea green and blues painted mug displaying a whale in the sea gifted (again) by my mom to ME made by a co-worker of hers.

It's the third week of January now and I've had about one month of bonding time with the white, blingy mug. Everyone in my house knew that this mug was my mug. This particular mug is pretty lightweight, taller and more slender compared to the whale mug that is wider and more stout (hmm, sounds like I'm describing myself lol)..

"I am a little tea pot, short and stout, here is my handle , here is my spout..."

anyways, because the blingy mug seems to hold more drink, i've been primarily using this one.

Well what do you know?? Just today (sunday), I knocked the blingy mug off my table! It rang & jangled and totally chipped in more than one place,  therefore its SoOo not usable and there, my friends, was another funeral for another mug o' mine! Three mugs gone in less than six months. *sigh*

Thankfully, I felt inspired to take some pics with my new blingy mug (JUST YESTERDAY-saturday) in preparation for my mug short story for sweet Tygre. Now I'll have pictures to look back on and cherish the short lived memories of me and my blingy cup (not that I got really attached to it or aything?)!

Thanks for "hearing" and reading my MUG SHORT story! Two of my favorite posts I've written that you can check out are sorting out my thoughts and figuring that God is able AND a funny memory involving a lego bucket! Stop by my little corner of happy ('cue Walgreens') or send an email my way.  I love making new friends!


Thank you sweet Brittany for sharing your story and your GREAT mug shot! Love it! ;) 
Be sure to check out Bee Littlequeen (and don't forget to wish her Happy Birthday)!

More mug shots coming soon.  Check out the exchange details here if you'd like to join in. 

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