Wednesday, July 25, 2012

IRLO Mashup

Our friends over at Tico and Tina have been busy!  They're a beautiful family who has been touring the U.S. to inspire and encourage people with big dreams.  Part of T&T's business is not only taking care of their cute kiddos (Maeve and Maverick), but keeping up with their blogging and postcard/art adventures.  They created fun, blank canvas cards where "You can use the blank canvas portion of each card to unleash your creativity."  Genius, huh?

Right now, they're road trippin' and interviewing people from aspiring artists to writers and directors.

To get the word out, T&T also began an IRLO (In Real Life/Online) Mashup, where their blank canvas cards would be sent across the world.  Ten teams of ten are creatively sharing their life of adventures, via a Blank Canvas card. (Teams are named after the pictures on the cards.)

You can see what some people did here. (I'm on Team Playground, whoo whoo!)  It's been fun meeting other people and being able to share what God is doing in our lives. Thanks T&T for sharing your family adventures!  It's encouraging to see how God is shaping and molding your character

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  1. love this post, Tygre! I'm sorry this is the first I'm reading it - I hate not being able to keep up =( I keep thinking I'll have a better system someday and be able to do it all... ugh. I am emailing you now =)