Monday, July 23, 2012

Almost 1! What?!

Our booger bear is ten months old. Where in the world did the time go?!  Deacon seems like he is growing up so fast.  

I was thankful recently for a little bit of cuddle time that I got with him.  Last week, he fell asleep with me while I rocked him (twice!).  This just doesn't happen with Deac, so I was pretty excited.  He'll usually grunt and playfully head-butt and kick you until he's out of a hug or your grip.  He bit me on the shoulder three times recently too after I tried to cuddle, so we definitely take caution when we hold him.  

He is ALWAYS moving, unless he's in his 9 o'clock past bedtime sleepy daze.  People always said that baby boys tend to be more rambunctious.  I'm a believer now.  It's incredible to see how different he and Mae acted at this age too. (Mae was mellow yellow and Deacon is busy... uh, blue...)

Something funny that they do too is scream at each other.  They'll laugh and have a little competition on piercing screams.  Loud, but hilarious.   

His sister put this over his head and said, "Where's Deacy?"
Our little booger also has seven teeth already!  Four of them peaked all at one time too. He has been a happy camper though, aside from the few, bloody mouths he has had from his big toophers cutting his lips when he hits something or falls on his bottom.  We may need to invest in a baby mouth-guard... 

Crawling around 9 months.  

Look out... soon he'll be walking ;)

But now, he's blogging with mommy...


  1. oh my word, you guys are SO CUTE! what did you use for that nice little collage set of pics at the top? I see people do that sometimes and I think man, I should do something like that but I never have the patience with photoshop. please tell me there is some sort of magic trick =)

  2. He is so big! And so stinkin cute Tygre! Ahhh I wanna squeeze him! He has more teeth then Avery already! My little man only have 6.. he likes to take his time growing them I guess. Haha! And I agree.. boys are so much more rambunctious! I didnt realize how mellow Ryley was until Avery.. lol.