Thursday, June 28, 2012

Happy Birthday To You

"How Old Are You?" is something that we've been asking Maevri a lot lately.  Her reply: "1, 2, 3, 4...5!" Close, but no cigar.

It's so hard to believe that Maevri Kate is two!

(My friend Kelley compiles a Labor of Love series on her blog. You can see Mae Baby's delivery story here!)

Mae was a pretty mellow baby.  We had to wake her up to feed her and encourage her to coo and talk.  You could say that she has come out of her shell.  She lets you know when she's hungry now and she definitely has no problem singing you a song or telling you about her day.  She loves to sing and dance around.  

I caught her performing in the hall one day...

Some funny things from Mae's journals I've written down for her:  

"Son, sshhhh" and "No mam!" are things that you've told Deacon when he is loud or if he accidentally hits you.  

"See you later alligator" is "Bye-bye gator" for you.  Forget the rhyming. 

I told you to tell Deacon "night night." I put him on the changing table and you chased after us yelling, "noooooo... kiss.. kiss!" You were upset because you didn't get a chance to kiss your brother goodnight.  

Something funny you sing a lot: "ABCDEFG, uuup above the world so high, yike a dimon in da ky, tinkle, tinkle little star, how I wonder what you are."

"Testing the Potty Training Waters, Day 1/2: Big girl panties were put on.. an accident on the floor happened. Almost!  Day 1: Was prepping your duck potty when along came a poo... on the floor. One down, several to go." Day 3: You poo'd and peed in your panties this morning. We'll practice the 'run to the bathroom' bit when you feel the urge thing..." We've put potty training on hold for a bit now ;)

Mae singing the ABCs, minus XYZ.

We're so thankful for Maevri and being able to raise her.  It's amazing to see how our kids grow and it's rewarding to witness what they learn each day.

Here's a video that my husband made of Mae's first steps.    

Happy 2nd Birthday Maevri!
One of Mae's hobbies ;)

 And it is my prayer that your love may abound more and more, with knowledge and all discernment, so that you may approve what is excellent, and so be pure and blameless for the day of Christ, filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ, to the glory and praise of God. Philippians 1:9-11


  1. Happy Birthday MAE baby! Crazy how fast two years goes by! Shes so presh.. I want to squeeze her up! Cant wait to see yall again! .. and good luck with potty training :)

  2. Happy Happy Birthday sweet Maevri!!!!