Thursday, April 26, 2012

This I Know

Jesus tells his disciples (Peter), "Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours."

Wow. Convicting? Yes. Believing that I've already received it? Pretty difficult.  I forget quite often that God provides for me always, even when it may not be how I imagine it.  Tod and I have been grateful to see God answer specific prayers recently...

One day I got a text from Tod that read, "Hey honey, we would save over $1500 a year if I got a motorcycle."  His truck is a major gas guzzler, so that was understandable.   I laughed and thought to myself, "He's been married to me for four years, does he think I'll just be pro-motorcycles all of a sudden?"  I jokingly replied, "That's great, but your life is worth way more than $1500."  The fact that my friends call motorcyclists "organ donors" didn't help either.

Tod seriously asked me to think about it and I prayed that God would change my heart if this was a wise purchase to make.  Our good friends own a bike, so we were able to talk with them more about the life of a motorcyclist.  (It really helped me to talk to my good friend and wife of a motorcyclist!) Financially, it would help a lot too.  Before I knew it, my husband was looking online for bikes.  We prayed for a decently priced one that was in great condition.  Tod was on his way to check out an old bike, when the owner of a bike that he really wanted returned his phone call.  The seller came down on the price quite a bit and was honest about minor make-up problems with the bike.  This past Saturday, Tod came home with a new ride.  Our good friend also gave Tod a nice helmet to use, which we were very grateful for.  The costs of starting up with a bike add up.  Tod is very excited about it, which is fun to see.  We're looking forward to saving more money this year too.

Also, a few weeks ago, I met with my neurologist to review my brain and spinal MRI.  In August of 2010, I was diagnosed with MS, so we were seeing if there were any changes over the last couple of years.  I had about ten lesions or "scars" on the right side of my brain in 2010.  The good news is that I still have only ten lesions.  This is great news because the MS hasn't rapidly progressed and I haven't developed any new symptoms.  Yeah, it's still a hard pill to swallow, but I'm thankful. We were also unsure about whether or not I should stay on my medication because of cost and other, possible dieting routes.  I was set on solely pursuing a hunter-gatherer diet for treatment.  Long story short, it turns out that I will continue to get my medication for free through insurance and a patient assistance program.  God provided and we've decided to continue treatment...     

No, a bike isn't for everyone, and it's not a huge deal, but God changed my heart about it, which was big.  I can't do anything in my power to protect Tod or myself, but I never thought I'd see a bike or a speckled MRI as a blessing. I've been challenged to pray for small, practical things as well as the "big" and unknown future. God wants us to ask for things. It's a reminder that I can't do anything out of my own power or strength.

Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they? And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life? Matthew 6:26-27

"Don't pray when you feel like it. Have an appointment with the Lord and keep it. A man is powerful on his knees." -Corrie Ten Boom

This I know, that Jesus also tells his followers, "I will never leave you nor forsake you."


  1. I used the same verse in my post today!

  2. Wonderful post!!! I love that scripture, and used Corrie ten boom's quote last week :)

  3. I LOVE this! I LOVE this!!!! Thank you for touching my heart today girl!!! (AS ALWAYS!)

  4. I LOVE THIS!! I'm so glad you found me This is such a great post. And I love Corrie ten Boom - her story is so amazing and inspiring.

  5. This is a very touching post Tygre! You have and always will inspire me.

  6. this is wonderful, Tygre! I have always had the same thoughts as you about motorcycles. your spirit is very inspiring! I just added your blog to my reader =) thanks for commenting on our blog to give me the chance to find you!

  7. Love this! It's definitely a big deal that God changed your heart on the motorcycle...I'm sure it would've been nearly impossible for anyone else to convince you :)

  8. believing that ive already received the blessing/answer to my prayer is difficult for me too, but it's true! Our GOd is a great God! Thank you for the scripture reminders and i love that quote as well by corrie ten boom! One time, i had a heavy heart/life was troubling me and i went to go get the mail. My neighbor was getting his mail too and knew something was wrong with me. After a few q&a's he said, "sometimes praying is the best thing to do, not the only thing"..with emphasis on best. I forget too! Great post!