Thursday, March 15, 2012

Zoo-tastic Adventure

My parents are visiting us this week for Spring Break.  They treated the kids and me to a trip to the Fort Worth Zoo. Sadly, I have lived in Fort Worth for almost five years and had never been to the zoo.  I'm disappointed that we had not been sooner! We enjoyed seeing Maevri react to all of the different animals she reads about and watches on Baby Einstein. 

Mae called this guy "hippa." She thought he was a hippo.

Mr. Sloth Bear. This ham was pacing back and forth for pictures.

Everyone comes to the zoo to see a lion, but this guy was not interested.

Mae made sure we saw every animal.

Deacon had his zoo gear on.  These lions were awake...

Stroller buddies.

The tourists.


I think Maevri tried to climb every fence.

The much appreciated train ride back to the zoo entrance!

If you can't tell, he's on his elbows holding his butt up in the air :)

Grandpa was Mae's chauffeur.

Mr. Sleepyhead missed a lot.

Happy Feet! I bet Mae could teach them some things.

Going to the zoo was so much fun! I felt like a kid again.  The best part is kids two years old and younger get in for free.  How can you pass that up? We will definitely be getting our season passes soon.


  1. Love those lion socks! Found you via mom hop.

  2. I love the zoo! It looks like you guys had fun! :)

  3. Ohhhh.. looks like fun! Mae Looks like she had a blast! I cant get enough of those two.. they are so so so cute! Deacon looks just like daddy!

  4. Hello there.. I am stopping in a bit late from thegrantlife sunday hop & following you happily officially from .. I'm Marilyn and loving your blog here.. So excited to indulge and look around a bit.. Hope you can stop in sometime as well.. TY.. Wishing ya a lovely week..