Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ode to Tod, My Valentine

I met Tod in the summer of 2004 at a discipleship training program after our freshman year of college.  We first met in Norman, OK to take the long trip to Elgin, IL where we would be working, studying, and learning about the Bible and missions.

Tod always tells the story of how he didn't like me much when we first met.  My best friend (Jenny) and I were organizing the caravan that would make the long trek from Oklahoma to Illinois, where we would meet up with the other fifty people doing the program with us. Originally, our plan was to leave Oklahoma around 6 a.m., but Jenny and I thought it would be okay to leave a couple of hours later.  We called our caravan list to update them about the change of plans.  Tod never got the memo.  He and his parents had a good three hours of quality time in the parking lot waiting for us that morning.  Several apologies later, we started a challenging and amazing summer.  (Tod usually leaves out the part where he possibly gave us the wrong phone number to reach him.)

Chicago 2004.

Despite a rough start, we ended up getting along great that summer.  We each ate half of a cricket as a dare and even got a date during a "Dating and Relating" weekend. Several months later, he would ask me out and practically propose to me before our second date.  His desire to serve the Lord and his ravishing, good looks won my heart. 

We've been married for four years now and he continues to show me love, grace and patience. He has been an amazing and loving father to our two kids and I'm SO grateful to call him my hubby. 

Daddy and Deacon.

Tod and Maevri.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
I married a botanist.
He's good lookin' too. 


  1. love the pix and the story. I'm also a fan of you blogging. :) LOVES!

  2. Technically it was a grasshopper. I love you honey!