Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Health Nuts In Progress.

For the past month, Tod and I have been adjusting to a Hunter-Gatherer (or Paleo) diet.  The diet typically encourages fruits, colored vegetables, greens, fish, organ and grass-fed meat.  Breads and pastas are usually discouraged.  We cheated a few times this past week and boy, I can feel it.  If In-N-Out serves grass-fed meat and Schlotzsky's bread is gluten-free, then maybe we're okay. We do gladly make compromises on our diet though when we have people over for dinner or go out to eat with family. 

Motivation came not only from family, but a Dr. Terry Wahls.  Wahls beat her progressive multiple sclerosis with a strict diet, exercise and electrical therapy.  She also does this without medication.  Within a year, she was out of her wheel chair and biking to work.  If you have a few minutes, watch her incredible story on YouTube! She solely praises science behind her healing, but her story of dedication is inspiring. 

In her book, Wahls guides you through her case studies and daily eats.  In her case, her diet was more strict because of her extreme conditions.  She encourages tweaking your diet based on your health, but sticking to a hunter-gatherer's ingredients.  (Her rule of thumb was to also not eat anything with an ingredient that you couldn't pronounce.)

The logic behind eating healthy makes so much sense, but it's still difficult to steer away from what we're used to eating.  After a few weeks of no caffeine, milk or bread, I drank a diet coke and had a few "glutensified" snacks.  Within a couple of days, I had less energy and my hopeful attitude wavered. It was fascinating to me to see a difference in the way I felt.  I hadn't had energy like that in a while! After hearing about Dr. Wahl and observing my own health, I'm convinced that eating nutritiously can alleviate symptoms of many illnesses. 

Our ultimate goal is to honor God with our bodies and consistently rely on Him to heal us and give us strength for each day.  We want to be healthy and energetic for our children too.  I encourage you to tweak your diet! Oh, and you will feel so much better.  It can be a little expensive, but it has definitely helped us monitor and adjust our finances.  God does provide.

Our blender has become a good friend to us and has made downing all of those greens a bit easier.  Tod has also become a Master blender.  Dieting has been a work in progress, but we are trying to make it enjoyable.  Here's one of our favorites.

All Things Fruit
Soy or Almond Milk

Blend to your desired consistency and enjoy.

Fruity fun for all ages.


  1. "Our ultimate goal is to honor God with our bodies and consistently rely on Him to heal us and give us strength for each day. We want to be healthy and energetic for our children too."

    I love that!! Thanks for sharing! Getting into good eating habits is such a great way to honor Jesus! Thanks for sharing your journey!

    PS your kids are presh! :)

  2. Thanks Anissa! It's been a challenging and fun journey! Mae says "hi." ;)

  3. Oh i love this! I have recently been thinking about the way we eat and how it in turns makes us feel and want to change some things in our family. We are not necessarily unhealthy, and I make all or dinners from scratch, but just some minor changes. I did a cleanse and ate super healthy last year and I have never felt so great, like you were saying. I need to get that back! It is amazing how food affects you so much. Great post!

  4. Glad you found my blog! It led me to yours! We are also trying to eat much better after watching a few documentaries. We're sticking to things with less than 5 ingredients and lots more fruits and vegetables. Trying to eat more "real food" :). Love your attitude in seeking to honor God with every area of your life.