Thursday, February 9, 2012

Blogging, eh?

Recently exploring the blogging world has sparked a desire in me to record these seasons of my life.  I have learned many things over the years, and I am always challenged to glorify God in ALL that I do.

"This Little Light of Mine" and my daughter were the inspiration behind the blog's web address.  Whenever I ask her to sing me a song, she frantically waves her thumb in the air to shine her little light.  (Her index finger is set aside for singing the University of Oklahoma fight song. Boomer!)  This is a sweet reminder of my relationship with Christ and the joy that I should have in making Him known in my lifetime.

God has graciously given me an abundant life.  I can depend on Him because He is perfect.  Most gladly I will boast in Him because I am joyfully His.  I am excited to start documenting the happenings of our family and reflect on the goodness of God. I'm an occasional over-thinker and can be indecisive and nitpicky at times, so we will see how this blogging venture goes!

"Jesus gave it to me, I'm gonna let it shine."

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